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Dear BEIKS visitor or customer,

as you can see we are preparing to launch our suite of applications on the new Android platform from Google.

Most while most of the links on this page are still inactive, I assure you that they will be and we are working hard to make it sooner rather than later.

You can browse and download all currently available Android titles directly at your Android powered phone by pointing its browser to and entering the Android section there. 

The first Android phone is the HTC G1 introduced by T-Mobile in the US. We loved it. For a company that has never released a mobile product or operating system before, it is flat out fantastic. Our most sincere congratulations to Google, the Android Team, the HTC team and to T-Mobile who has recognized a winner. 

BEIKS is committed to releasing its full line of reference titles to Android, including the language dictionaries, travel phrase books, word puzzle games and more.

For questions, comments and recommendations please do not hesitate to email us.

And do not forget to check back soon! 

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BEIKS Medical Dictionary
Pocket Guide to medications
Medical Abbreviations Dictionary
Pocket Medical Encyclopedia
English-Spanish [audio] translator for paramedics
Stedman's Medical Dictionary


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Noah Bible Study & Bibles
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Hitchcock's Bible names dictionary


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